Sunday Morning Happy Stuff

Josh spent last week in Las Vegas.  Amazingly, not only did the U.S. let him back into the country, but Ireland allowed him back in as well.  Woohoo!

Of course, he’s completely jet lagged.  Vegas is 8 hours or so behind Ireland’s time, so we spent last evening taking turns and poking him awake.  Before he crashed, he produced some contraband he smuggled back from the good old U.S. of A – like Hershey bars and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.

And two little individual serving size boxes of Fruit Loops for Maura.

Maura, who spotted them in the cabinet instantly and said “Cereal?”

So I opened a box.  Poured it in the bowl.  Barely filled the bowl halfway.  So I opened the second box as well.

Of course, the other three kids came in and went “Fruit Loops!?!?”  Luckily, they’re nice kids who realized it was a special Maura treat and didn’t complain.

Needless to say, Maura was a happy girl this morning.

A bowl full of yummy equals...
...a happy happy Maura!