Music Monday – If It’s Love

After a week of solo parenting while Josh was in Vegas for a conference, and handling the many moods of Maura without a break, Josh decided yesterday that I needed to get out of the house.   I’ll admit, I was in a mood myself, kinda cranky, and yes, needed to get away from my loved ones so I could miss them.

So I grabbed my purse and iPod and headed out the door.  I decided to walk to Dundrum Shopping Centre, where I browsed book stores and got some Starbucks.

On the way there, I was listening to Train on my iPod.  Their latest album, Save Me San Francisco is awesome.  Buy it.  I’m sure I’ve said that before though.

So there I am, listening to this song and turned a corner – and there I was, in Co. Dublin Ireland, houses to my right, a row of mountains off in the distance to my left as the lyrics hit me …

…and just be glad that we made here alive

on a spinning ball in the middle of space…

It was a “Holy bleep!  We moved to Ireland!” moment.  And I found myself grinning right there on the street. It’s still crazy to me, that we actually moved here.  That we uprooted four kids and our lives to do something we have toyed with for a few years.  I’m so not an adventurous person, even though I want to try new things.  Which is why I’ve been paired up with Josh I guess, because he loves to try new things, and drags me half-screaming along for the ride at times.

The first week we were here, I was having all sorts of anxiety, wondering what the hell we just did.  Josh every so often would say “Wow, we’re crazy.  You know we’re crazy for doing this, right?”  Finally I said he had to stop saying that, I was about to crack from it all.  He said “No, this is a good thing.  Thanks for being crazy with me.”

As the song goes…

If it’s love

and we’re two birds of a feather

then the rest is just whatever