Is it wrong?

Josh and I have joked that our kids don’t have college funds – they have therapy funds.  Because we are certainly doing our best to warp and scar them for life.

Just now, Maura was going into the cabinet to get yet another bag of cookies.  I said “No Maura.” in a normal tone of voice.  But this is Maura – she can only concentrate on so many things at one time (aka – one thing.)  So when I called out to her, she was in such deep concentration that she jumped.

She jumped and I laughed.

And then I thought “Is it wrong that I laugh every time that happens?’

It happens a lot.

And I laugh every single time.

It’s a good thing Maura is always forgiving. She’s also now trying to sneak off with a can of Pringles.  A parent’s job is never done.