25 Apr

For Easter, I bought the girls new dresses. They were thrilled.  I also bought the boys new dress shirts.  They were less than thrilled but didn’t complain either.  I have no pictures of them in their dress shirts because they changed in a flash directly after church.  Gone are the days of my little boys in coordinating outfits, little polos and plaid shorts.

But the girls enjoyed their outfits –

Mim and Maura

After Mass and lunch, we walked down to the Airfield – which is not an airfield with planes, but a working farm called Airfield.  They host an organic farmer’s market on Thursdays, which is where the girls and I heard that they were having activities and all on Easter Sunday.

Maura in the gardens

The girls really enjoyed Airfield, which is good because Josh got a membership.  We actually didn’t see it all – but we saw a lot because they had a list of trivia questions to answer along the path, and the prize was some chocolate.  And Miriam was determined to get that chocolate (which she then gave to Josh and me.)

We started out in the formal gardens…

the girls checking out the little pond

Collin and Josh waiting it out on a bench

Photographic proof that I was there too

Over in the picnic area, they were doing footraces for little children, which all of my kids were too big for.  But we found these little trees that were grown and trained in a specific way to make little houses of sorts.  All us girls were fascinated.  Josh thought they were cool too.

After seeing the donkeys, pigs, and Shetland ponies, we went to where Miriam really wanted to go – to see the baby lambs.  There were 56 of them.  The mommas and their offspring were spray painted with numbers so that they knew which lamb went with which mother.

A lovely country view... the middle of a city.

Maura loved the sheep - "Here sheepie! Here sheepie!"

Miriam got to feed one

The smart little lamb

Airfield also had an awesome chicken pen with several varieties of chickens.

Sean was making a new friend

In front of the big chicken pen, they had built-in gaming areas…


Collin and the checkerboard

Miriam got to milk the cow as well…okay, not a real cow…

And then we saw these – the girls were willing.  The boys were bribed.

Hope everyone had a good Easter!


One Response to “Easter”

  1. Helena Zink April 25, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    Great pictures Phoebe!The trees were very cool. Eric and I have seen some like those before; in Hawaii.

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