Another week down

Sometimes, weeks go slowly.  Not this week. I’m surprised it’s Friday already!  Add to that, it’s a whole new month.  Add to both of those is the realization we’ve been here three months.

Oddly enough, it seems like we’ve been here longer.  I actually had to count it out in my head yesterday, when the woman at the farmer’s market asked how long we’ve been here.  She said “Oh, not long at all!”

Suddenly, I feel better about not being completely unpacked!

I think we’re used to being here.  I’ve figured out the quirks of the house, conquered bus riding (much to Maura’s delight), figured out how to order groceries online to have them delivered (woohoo!)  The older three kids have settled into schools nicely.

Yes, the older three.  Maura’s case is still being discussed by whoever’s in charge of these things.  So I’m trying to do what I can at home.  We’ve had some exciting progress in her world – like eating sandwiches.  She wouldn’t eat them before.  But Miriam decided to make her one for a picnic and Maura ate it!  Woohoo!  And she has some new words – like mypad (iPad) and dewhicious (delicious).  She’s also learned how to almost completely dress herself – which is not good as she now goes through four outfits a day.

And all my kids have developed a love of cliff edges.

We call this one "Grandma's going to have a heart attack when she sees this!"

Last week, the kids were off for Spring Break (they actually had two weeks off school.)  So we rented a car and drove around the countryside.  We basically plotted our course by weather reports and it worked out.

The first day, we drove down to Co. Cork, which has a wildlife park two of the kids were wanting to see.  We knew Maura would like it once she discovered the penguins.  Hey, did you know that penguins get stolen from zoos a lot?  I didn’t know either.  Apparently they’re small and easily fit into bags to sneak out.  Don’t let Maura know.  After that, we drove to Old Head, mainly because Josh heard there was a golf course there.  There is.  It’s also the spot where the Lusitania sank.   We all got out to see the view.

This is where I discovered everyone’s love of cliff edges.  Including Maura.  Yes, this caused some panicky moments for me.  It’s how we ended up with this picture –

A hug? Or a mother clinging to her over-adventurous daughter?

The next day we drove to Hook Head, in Co. Wexford, to see the oldest lighthouse in the world.  We started on the lighthouse tour, and after the second floor, Maura and I cut out.  It was weird.  The girl who screamed because I wouldn’t let her go right up to the cliff’s edge the day before refused to go near the windows in the lighthouse.  Something about the structure wigged her out.  So we went outside while the others finished off the tour.  Then we all played on the rocks and peered over edges some more.

Our fun was cut short when Sean – who leapt from rock to rock with the skill of a mountain goat – tripped while running through grass and sprained his ankle.  So we headed towards Waterford (a short distance away) to find a pharmacy to get him an ankle wrap.   So we punched it into the GPS and headed towards Waterford, with the GPS lady telling us what to do.  Well, as we drove through some town in some valley and going “Oh, isn’t this cute?” the GPS lady said “Turn right and board ferry boat.”

Say what?

Yep.  A ferry boat.  But just to the other side of the little bay towards Waterford.  But then, we get off the ferry, start driving up the hillside and discovered this along our path –

Funny, I was certain it would be sheep blocking the road.

But we made it to Waterford, found an ankle wrap, pressed my nose up at the Waterford Crystal shop (pretty chandeliers) and then headed home.

The next day we went to Knock, a Marian shrine…where we may have gathered too much holy water to dunk Maura in…and had some awesome tips on dressing –

Josh plans on getting this sign for when Mim's a teenager

After Knock, we found a castle –

…and a beach to play on…

And the next day, we all slept in.