Just thinking about the weather – Music Monday as well

Our weather luck finally ran out here.  Oh, it’s still warmish and we see the sun a lot. But we’re also getting rain and wind.

Wind is good for drying clothes on the line.  Wind is not good for hair.  Rain is actually pretty good for my hair, but not good for when I leave all the uniform clothes on the line.  That problem was solved by putting the drying rack next to the radiator and turning up the heat.

We did get to see our first Irish rainbow.  Miriam deemed it the “most perfect rainbow” she’s ever seen.  The rain has also brought out all the snails, which Mim likes.  She is a snail lover, had one at school she decided was her pet and named him Elvis, even went so far as to claimed she “loved him like a child” – and then some girl squashed him.  Luckily, there was no tweenie girl hysterical tears over this.

But the weather here is ever-changing during the day.  The wind blows the clouds quickly by.  So one minute, you’re walking down the street, all is well.  A little black raincloud gets pushed over you and it’s now raining on you.  Then it blows by and you’re fine again.  Or another day, I watched as it not so much rained, but misted.

Today started out somewhat cloudy.  But then the sun started coming out.  Yet as Sean and Mim burst through the door from school, they were both wet.  It was sunny yet raining.  And yes, I keep stressing “Take an umbrella/your raincoat.” but they ignore me.

Maura however wanted in on the fun.  She found rain boots and put those on, then got her raincoat on.  Well, what’s the point in being a child if you can’t run around in the rain sometimes? So out the door she went, giggling and happy.  Then she said “Umbrella?”  and I produced one for her.

Now, last week, when she was up at midnight so climbed into our bed, I turned off “Criminal Minds” and turned on “Singing in the Rain”.  I fell asleep only to wake up to her giggling during the actual “Singing in the Rain” scene.  I guess it made an impression on her, for today she went outside, boots and umbrella in hand and said “Spin!!!”  and then did.

And yes, it was bright and sunny and raining all at the same time –

And because a rainy day always  makes me think of this song…I bring you a version of 10,000 Maniac’s “About the Weather” from their In My Tribe album (which I bought on cassette too many moons ago…)