Eight years ago….

I was an extremely large, extraordinarily moody, officially overdue pregnant woman.

I think I’ve finally given up that grudge against Maura.  Of course, hindsight is everything.  Now it makes sense that she was overdue.  Low muscle tone babies usually are.  But we didn’t know that then.  All we knew is that baby liked being in me, making me miserable.  And of course, every single person I knew had to pester me about still being pregnant.

FYI – Extremely pregnant women don’t like being pestered about “still” being pregnant.  It makes them crankier.  Especially if they haven’t hit their due date yet.  Just banish “You STILL haven’t had that baby yet?” from your vocabulary.

I became a recluse.  A moody recluse.  Who often cried.  Because she was tired of being pregnant.

I didn’t expect to be overdue.  I actually expected to go a little early – like a week or two early.  At 33 weeks, I was having some contractions.  With my others, they came progressively sooner – Collin was nice enough to start things going on the due date.  Sean was born the day before his due date.  Miriam came three days before.  So I wagered Maura would come a week earlier.

No, still not laughing about that one.

A week after my due date, my doctor offered to induce me.  Josh was thrilled….until I told him that we had to wait until Monday to do so (it was a Friday.)  He may have cried a little.  Poor man had to survive a few more days with the cranky, moody, sometimes downright bitchy overdue pregnant woman.

I have to say, Maura’s induced labor was my easiest, shortest labor, which was nice after having to wait for it.  She was a sweet baby and is a great kid.  From the get-go, she has stood out from her siblings, doing her own thing, including being overdue.

Editing to add – Maura’s due date was May 10th…she was born on the 19th…which means I still have time to make/buy her presents…sorry for the confusion!

a girl worth waiting for