Random thoughts on Dublin

As I sit by my cozy little turf fire on this blustery day…well, I was going to wax poetic about the mountain view I have from my front window…but Maura handed me some celery.  This sort of thought interruption means you get a random thought post.

I love Tesco delivering groceries to my door.  Makes life so much easier.

Butcher shops fascinate and intimidate me at the same time.

The other day, two men on the train were popping beers open.  Yes, this is Ireland, but I’m pretty sure that’s not actually allowed, as they have a “no food or drinks” policy posted on the same train.

Domino’s Pizza sucks as badly here as it does in the States.

Spongebob in Irish will screw with your mind.

McDonald’s is doing a “Taste of America” campaign with theme burgers.  They need to do their research better.  The Texas themed burger has neither bacon nor barbecue sauce on it.  Instead, it has pepperoni.

Since they don’t have Southern style biscuits here, I’ve learned to make them.  And they’re good.  I’m also learning how to make more Tex-Mex foods.  I’m wishing I had a tortilla press.

Raisins are expensive here.

They don’t really sell chocolate chips here either. And forget marshmallows.

We’ve decided the buses here are like the Harry Potter bus.  They defy laws of gravity, speed and space.

I’m not wild about Temple Bar, especially at night.  I’m certain someone’s going to vomit on my shoes.  But I love Grafton Street, even at night when all the stores are closed.  At 1 a.m., there’s some guy with a guitar out singing.

Everyone wants to know how the children are adjusting.  They’re doing great, even with the uniforms.

I’m still figuring out what ropes I need to learn and how to feed people.  It’s still a surprise to me, the difference with food stuffs.  Good thing I know how to cook.

Chinese food in Ireland is different than Chinese food in America.  Smaller portions, more spices.

Radio stations are full of talk and some music.  And there’s no “theme” to most stations.  You can hear John Denver one moment, then ABBA the next and The Pogues after that.

People like to open windows.  Windows are constantly cracked open.  I find I’m doing it now.