Vlog, vlogging, vlogged

My cousin Kate delved into the world of blogging about a year ago and absolutely adores it.  She is way more motivated than me, and in a short year has not only embraced the blog world, but now designs blogs, tweets away on Twitter, and has started vlogging.

Of course, the first time the word “vlog” showed up on a tweet from her, I did the RCA Victrola puppy ”huh?”.  However, I am pretty savvy myself and figured it out quickly.  Vlog – video blogging.

It makes sense for Kate to vlog – she’s well-spoken, has a cute Southern accent and is one of those girls who looks fabulous in a burlap sack.

Of course, she’s encouraging others to vlog…or talk about why they won’t vlog.  I’m in the latter group.  You’ll never find me vlogging.  Why?

1.  I hate hearing my voice.  Sad but true.  I blame it on years of a speech therapist recording me and then making me listen to myself so I could hear every. single. one. of my many speech impediments (I couldn’t pronounce s, sh, ch, g, j, r, and z.)  I’m not sure why she tried this more than twice – every time, I did the “stick fingers in ears going lalala, I can’t hear you!” routine.  Coincidentally, you will never hear me record an outgoing message on voice mail.

2. I’m not as well spoken vocally as I am when I write.  When I write, I can be more clear, more concise.  Get me live, and I’m prone to babble, spot a shiny object in the conversation and veer in that direction.

3. I’d spend an hour doing hair and make up so that I’d look fresh and natural.

4. And I’d have to do that at 10 o’clock at night because that would be the only time I wouldn’t…

5. Get constantly interrupted by some child, primarily Maura, who LOVES to be on camera.  Oh sure, I could leave her alone for a few minutes during the day to try to do some sort of vlog…but then we’d have some incident like her going outside almost naked or trying to immerse her iPad in a puddle of milk (and both examples are followed by an “Again.”.)

6. I’m just not a video girl.  Computer time is also somewhat quiet time.  I tend not to click on news stories that are videos, or Fail Blog entries that are videos.  This doesn’t apply to music oddly enough.

7. Did I mention I hate my voice on tape?

So that’s why you’ll never see me vlogging.  But if you want to see a cute Southern mama of a toddler boy talk about life, then check Kate out at Mommy Monologues.

Kate - the mommy of monologuing - and her guys - Dec. 2009