Happy Birthday Maura

Eight years ago, I had the baby girl who I didn’t realize would change our lives so dramatically.  It’s been an interesting eight years, and I’ve learned more about life than I ever dreamed.  Luckily, I got to do it with one of them most awesome kid ever, who has the most amazing siblings ever and the best dad in the world.  Sure, Maura’s lucky to have us, but I think we’re luckier to have her in our lives.

Brand new Maura
Elfin baby
a rare shot of her happy in her car seat
Maura and her great-grandmother Jual (my grandma)
...and with her great-grandmother Frances (Josh's grandma)
She's always been a thumbsucker
and has always been a happy girl
Maura on her 1st birthday
She liked the cake a little
Maura and her crazy siblings
4/16/05 - the day Maura officially started walking
Age 2 - back when her hair was thin and light colored, lol!
Maura today - still full of personality
my beautiful girl