I know I live in Dublin because…

…I know the difference between the Luas and the DART – and only one runs in my area. (they’re commuter trains.)

…I’ve ordered myself and Maura Luas Smart cards. (aka, re-fillable train passes)

…today we stood in the sunshine and were rained upon at the same time.

…I’m beginning to scoff umbrellas unless it’s really raining.

…I plan out my laundry by the weather report.

…I walk everywhere. (we don’t have a car yet.)

…my Sundays are spent doing the dreaded school uniform wash.

…there are no screens on any of my windows.

…bacon and chips sounds like a perfectly reasonable easy dinner to me now. (and by “chips”, I mean “fries”.)

…I know how to get around City Centre using pubs as landmarks.

…I use the word “toilet” more. (instead of bathroom.)

…I want a cool sweater, knee high boots and a fabulous scarf – so I can blend in.

…I have a stack of peat briquettes next to my fireplace.

…I get to watch new Doctor Who episodes before everyone else 😉

Collin, looking as thrilled as he could possibly be in his uniform.