That’s what some teenager yelled as he leapt off the Luas train today.  Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Obama have come to Ireland, and everyone is very excited.

So I didn’t vote for the guy.  But it is nice to see how excited people are to come see an American president.  It wasn’t nice to get to City Centre only to find the roads I needed to go down were closed because of the presidential visit – especially when I checked the Irish Times to see what roads would be affected. They obviously didn’t get all the roads, which I could be understanding of.  But the road I needed to walk down is a pretty major street.  Dubliners were kind enough to try to give me directions, but agreed with me when I said “It’s probably not worth the hassle.”  Nah, there’s always tomorrow.

I spotted a couple Obama shirts and a vendor selling Obama tees as well.  A store had photos of Michelle and Barack’s faces on their mannequins, along with flags and Obama tags all over.  Which was funny and creepy both at the same time.  Channel 3 here is broadcasting live about his visit.  There was much talk about whether or not he’d make it to Moneygall, the birthplace of his great-great-great-grandfather.  The plan was for them to take a helicopter over, but with the wind today (wind gusts of 30 mph or so), they weren’t sure.  I guess someone on the U.S. side suggested cancelling the visit.  The Irish side said “You can’t do that.”  I agreed with the Irish side.  The people of Moneygall have been eagerly awaiting his visit.  I can see on the tv that the Obama’s did make it there, and are being warmly greeted – American flags are flying, cameras are out, hugs given and even a baby was passed about, lol!

Even my neighbor is wearing his ballcap with the seal of the US that’s on Air Force One.  You can help but get a little caught up in it all.  There’s much more excitement about Obama’s one day visit than the Queen’s historic 4 day visit last week.  Of course, the President has a free event with everyone welcome, with bands and performers and even Jedward!  The Queen didn’t have any of that.

And one funny bit – the presidential car got stuck trying to get out of the American Embassy.  Oops.

Obama-themed window display