Rave – A must-read (for me at least)

WordPress likes to make suggestions at the end of posts (like this entry?  try THIS one!)  My settings for this are for other people’s blogs…which is the default setting I think…cause I’m lazy like that.

WordPress will also tell you that people came to your blog via some link.  Well, a few people followed a link from someone else’s blog via their handy “like this?  try THIS!” link. Curious as to what caused so many people to go from some blog I didn’t know to read my post about how Gwyneth Paltrow thinks any mother can find the time to work out– because she manages to.  Oh, celebrities!  They’re so cute that way.

Anyhooey, I clicked on the corresponding blog link and discovered this blog – The Danny/Gwyneth Project.  To sum up, a 20-something guy has decided to cook all the recipes in Gwyneth’s new cookbook.

I have to admit – even though I blog, I’m not a big blog reader.  I’m only dedicated to a handful of them, and most of those are of people who I’m related to.  I have not read or seen “Julie and Julia”, nor am I a Gwyneth Groupie,  so this shouldn’t have grabbed my interest.

But it did.

And then I found myself going back.

I’m now rooting for this guy and his quest for duck bacon.  He has me cracking up and waiting for the next new post.  And so I’m doing something I don’t normally do – recommending you check out another blog.

Go, read this guy’s tales of grocery shopping, wine drinking, ravioli making.  Because it’s fun reading about someone cursing duck bacon and multiple trips to grocery stores.  Just make sure you start at the beginning to get the full sense of this saga!

The Danny/Gwyneth Project