Oh my kids!

Today Miriam had a class trip, their bus was going to be back about 3:30, an hour after school let hour, which is also about when Maura and I get home from her school commute.  I was going to just walk over to the school with Maura, but Maura had a clothing issue which required us to head straight home.  So I sent Collin up on his bike, with minor directions.

Yeah, turns out Collin really had no clue where Mim’s school was.

At about 4:10, Mim comes in the door and says “My brother abandoned me at school – Seaaaaaaaaan.”

I said “No, Sean came home, but I sent Collin up there.”

Then I realize Sean is talking to someone at the door and Mim’s telling me Collin didn’t show up.

Yep.  Mim’s teacher was at the door.  He brought her home because Collin never showed up.  I apologized as profusely as he’d let me.  He left, and I realized…I still didn’t know where Collin was.  Sean offered to go look for him but I was afraid of losing another child.

Don’t worry, Collin got home a few minutes later.

Just now, Maura was asking to watch Little Kingdom (her new favorite show).  The boys would rather do dishes than watch this show…well, maybe not dishes, but something other than watch this show.  I told Miriam “Check and see if it’s on.”

Then I hear “Please don’t be on, please don’t be on…” being chanted by Collin under his breath.

He lucked out…this time…it wasn’t on.