I’m ready for busing please

When we signed Maura up for school, we did so knowing that we’d have to commute her to school ourselves for a little bit while busing was arranged.  Until then, we thought “Oh, no big deal, we’re blocks from the train, then it’s just a few more blocks from the train to to school.”

Also, because of her emergency medication which no one is trained to use, I stay nearby, at a coffee shop.  Again, seems like no big – I bring my laptop, my iPod, I write, drink some coffee…

After two and a half weeks, I can tell you that I’m sort of over all this.

Part of it is that I’m tired of having to steer/drag/lure Maura on the walk.  Some days she’s great, following along, wanting to go “fast!”, holding my hand.  Other times, she’s mad, cranky, tired, upset that I won’t go in every store she wants to go in. She also has her Pokey Little Puppy days when she moves so slowly, I swear she’s going backwards.

Another part is that it really does eat up so much of my day.  I get home and I have to deal with dinner and laundry and errand running and laundry.  Yes, laundry.  Which is all backed up b/c I haven’t had time to deal with it.  The house is a bit of a pit, the kitchen and baths could use a good scrub.  I have things I want to get done here that I can’t get done because I’m just too dang tired.

Yes, it’s one of those times I stand in awe of working moms.

Worse case scenario – I have to do this for another week or so.  Because school ends at the end of June anyway.  I can survive ten more days, right?  And then, I can finally clean my house.

How sad is it that I want to stay home and clean my house?

Cranky Maura protesting on the sidewalk