It’s time to admit this

I’m just fat.

Oh, by American standards, I was chubby but not obese (well, unless you count the fricken fracken BMI scale, which I think is complete BS anyway…).  I wasn’t quite plus size there at least.

And then I moved here.

And people are slender, slimmer or at least in decent shape.

And I felt like The Fat American.

But today clinched it.  After walking through the misty rain that the umbrella couldn’t contain, I went to the shopping centre to look and see if I could find an inexpensive, lightweight rain jacket.  I went to Penney’s (not J.C., just Penney’s), the local cheap store, to see if I could find something.  I did find a cute jacket, it was cheap, and I picked out a size I thought could be mine.  I tried it on, it didn’t fit.


So I found the larger size.  Tried it on.  Barely fit, wouldn’t be comfortable.

Crappity crap.

And that was the largest size in the store.

Oh crap.

Then I read the tag…and realized that Americans really do fake their clothes sizes to make themselves feel better.  The largest size Penney’s carried was a size 20…UK.  The label then read “US size 16”.

So it’s like this – the size 18 here is a US 14.  Which means a 14 here is a US 10.

I find it ironic.  Here in Ireland, more people are in shape, or at least not rotund.  Yet they wear “bigger” sizes.  Americans are notorious for being overweight, but fake it in “smaller” sizes.  Think about that for a moment….hmmm…basically, American women are totally fooling themselves with their clothing.

Now, I am aware I need to lose weight.  I also want to lose weight.  The stressed of the move caused way too many sugary items to fly down my throat, so I gained back what I lost last year.  Luckily, I started back on the road to a healthier lifestyle a few weeks ago, and have lost five pounds.  Part of my motivation is that once I lose X amount of weight, I can buy new clothes.

Today I learned that I *need* to lose that weight to buy new clothes.

And the clothes here are so fricken cute, I really can’t stand it.

In the meantime, I will keep using my old pink XL raincoat I bought in Michigan.  And I bought some new earrings as a reward for not sobbing in the  middle of the store when all this hit me.