“Excuse me…do you know where…?”

Every so often, someone will stop me and ask for directions.  And every time I hear “Do you know where…?” coming out of the person’s mouth, I get nervous.  Because I probably don’t know where.  Or think I know where, try to give directions and then realize afterwards I was off a little.

Case in point – two ladies going to the hospital nearby.  I’m sure they got there, but I gave them the long way around directions.  Oops.

This week I’ve been lucky.  On the way to the train this morning, a woman asked where St. Benildus was.  It’s where Collin goes to school so I was able to give directions confidently.  The other day two ladies were looking for the shopping centre I always go to so that was an easy one as well.  Better than last week, when I was by Maura’s school and a nice Italian man asked me which way was City Centre.  Ahhhh…that way? was my answer.

Today as I was walking Maura to the train after school, two American girls with big “tour the world” backpacks stopped me and asked if there was a pub nearby.

I told them how to get to two.  I left out the third one as it looks a little seedy to me and they seemed like nice girls, lol!  But I wonder what they must have thought, these two American backpacking girls, stopping someone in the middle of a Dublin neighborhood and having a fellow American give them directions – lol!  What’s funny is it didn’t click in my brain until as I was walking away that they were American.