don’t blink…

don’t even move…

you may scare away the nice weather.

So when we moved here, we left cold, snowy Michigan and landed in what we’d consider spring temperatures.  While at home people were moaning about more snow and 15 degree weather, we were relishing sunlight and 45 degrees.

Spring here was gorgeous.  Everyone kept saying “I’ve never seen it so sunny in spring.”  It was really nice.

And then, June hit.

June, the month I’m used to it finally getting warm back in the states, was a disappointment.  It rained enough that I never left home without at least my trusty little umbrella in my purse, and a raincoat in Maura’s backpack.  My laundry pile grew because it was hard to dry stuff in the rain (mental note, get a second drying rack before winter.)  As I sloshed my way through more rain, sudden rain, misty rain, and other forms of rain, I started reading Facebook updates of “Wow!  It’s way too hot today!” and pictures of kids in bathing suits, running through sprinklers and splashing in pools.  While my kids were still wearing hoodies.

I’m not a fan of very hot weather.  Ask my husband, who had to deal with me bitching about not enjoying the heat when we lived in Arkansas.  I don’t do heat well.  I’m also not a fan of air conditioning.  If I sit too long in air conditioning, I get cranky.  But all that said – I am missing a nice hot day.  I guess I’m used to extreme weather.  I’m not saying I like going from freezing to boiling all the time.  It’s just what I’m used to.

But the past few days have been nice.  Really nice.  Sunny, breezy, seventy degrees nice.  I’m hoping this is a start of a beautiful little trend and not “Oh, that was summer, hope you liked it!”  I’ve been told September is gorgeous, but then, it seems people here love to play amateur weather predictor.  I am also learning that Ireland really has a mild climate.  Seventy degress is about as hot as it’ll probably get.  On the flipside, it won’t go below freezing much.  That is apparent by the fact that our water pipes are on the outside of the house!