Go to buy some veggies, leave a *star*

The moral of this story is “Listen to your mother when she wants you to go someplace with her.”

On Thursdays, there’s a farmer’s market down the road from us at Airfield (an urban farm).  It’s an easy walk, they have a good selection of organic fruits and veg, so I like going there.  Since both girls are out of school, I thought I’d take them.

Now usually, Miriam likes going to Airfield.  She’s constantly asking to go.  Today she was being balky about it.  But I kind of wanted an extra pair of hands to help carry stuff home, so told her that she had to come with Maura and me.  She balked, grumbled, sighed, and asked if she could at least take her scooter, which put her in a better mood instantly.  By the time we got to Airfield, she was once again a happy kid, picked out some lemons to make lemonade with, and scootered around some more waiting for me.  We went into the little gift shop store they have there, where I said no to lots of things (because I shall go back for birthday shopping), we picked out a couple not organic, completely unhealthy treats to go with our bags of healthy stuff and as we were paying, this woman came in and was asking about if we wanted to buy some cakes, take part in a cake sale.  I wasn’t completely paying attention (something about Maura, shoplifting, the usual) but Mim’s ears were perked up at the word cake.

They have a little cupcake stand outside – on weekends someone sells cupcakes and other baked goods.  But it wasn’t that set up, it was actually several kids.  I’m thinking it’s a charity group selling little cupcakes, etc.  I give Mim some change to get a couple items, and the woman says “Oh, this is actually for television.  Do you want to be part of it?”

Seems we stumbled upon a children’s tv program filming for an upcoming episode,  and they needed a couple more extras.  They asked if Maura also wanted to participate…we passed on that, lol!  So Maura and I waited on the sidelines while Mim got to be part of the show.  It’ll come out this fall and the woman who seemed to be in charged said she’ll even send us a dvd copy.

As she took our information, I turned to Mim and said “And to think you didn’t want to come with today!”