Have I told you lately…

…how much I like my older three kids?

Oh, they’re doing their best to drive me absolutely insane.  We won’t argue with that fact.  But when I look past all the normally stupid things they do, they really are great kids.

Like this past weekend, basically the moment Josh’s flight to L.A. took off, I came down with some intestinal thing.  On top of the lovely summer cold that hit me the day before.  I won’t go into major details, but stomach cramps and the inability to breathe through my nose didn’t really motivate me to cook a lot.  This is where Collin stepped up to the plate.  I gave him money, sent him to the store for pasta, and he cooked dinner Saturday night.  Oh sure, he burned the pasta sauce (which even surprised him that it could burn – lesson learned, don’t heat it on high.)  But it was all done without complaints.  He also made sure Maura got fed without me reminding him.  And on Sunday, when I still wasn’t myself, he took charge of things again.

Granted, the boy does love to eat so had a personal investment in the whole deal, but the fact that he did it all without complaining gets a gold star.

And Sean, the poor kid becomes our pack mule sometimes.  I can send the boys to the store and Sean’s the one hauling the backpack of stuff home.  Again, without complaints.  He also puts up with Maura constantly hugging him.  She loves to hug Sean!  Probably because he’ll throw her over one shoulder and haul her up to bed several nights a week.  Again, no complaints from him on that.

Miriam hasn’t been a perfect angel, but she will always play with Maura.  Maura loves to play outside, and Mim is actually out there right now playing with her.  She even made sure Maura was dressed first.  She always will include Maura and always will come to her defense.  She loves to teach Maura new things…though I may never forgive her for teaching Maura the high pitched girly squeal.

Collin has always been my dependable kid.  Even as a baby, he was dependable.  Not that the others aren’t, but Collin is that oldest child you wish for – responsible, able to be left in charge, tries to be fair.  Sean has always been a duck – easy going, things rolling off his back.  He’s always gone with the flow, which is nice as the other three tend to balk at things.  And Miriam – well, she’s the girl I could have been.  Not that I’m going to relive my life through her.  But she’s all spunk and sparkles and reminds me what life was when you were fearless and thought for sure you could in fact be a rock star.

Oh sure, the boys are being slothy teenagers, and have a new bad habit of bickering at each other.  And Miriam’s being a little pill these days.  But that’s just a narrow vision of who these kids are.  That’s just right now.  Collin was the 3 year old who threw huge screaming temper tantrums in public.  Sean was the two year old who colored every dang wall in our rental place.  Miriam was the baby who refused to be put down.  They’ve never been perfect kids. But I’m really glad their mine.