A sunny day in Dublin

After a few days of “Eh” weather (you know, the partially cloudy/suddenly sunny/back to cloudy/peek of sunlight/cloudy/oh crap, it’s raining/turns into a gorgeous evening type weather) – today we woke up to gorgeous clear blue skies.

And this is where it gets tricky.

See, I see lovely blue skies and part of me is all “That’s it!  We’re going OUT!  Pack a lunch, let’s hop a train or bus, we’re going somewhere and enjoy the sun on our heads.”

The other part of me says “Ooo…perfect day to stay home and catch up on laundry.”

No.  Seriously.  This is where I’m at now that I’m a slave to the laundry line and lacking in a clothes dryer.  There have been lovely days where we packed up kids and found someplace to go and while out, I think “Wow, I just wasted a perfectly good laundry day.”

I’m not sure who I’ve become.

Today, I’m staring at the skies.  And I think the skies will win out.  I have been too cooped up lately as is, and the kids are melting from summer boredom.  Tomorrow’s supposed to be gorgeous as well, but the morning’s already booked with an appointment.  Today may be this week’s chance of getting kids out.

But I’m waiting until the washer finishes.  No use leaving that clothesline empty on a day like today 😉