Little Voice

Today I turned on some music and caught Maura in the act of singing along.  Miriam’s on a kick with the Flip video camera, recording everything, so it was right there by me and for once, I was able to catch Maura singing along with her favorite band, Great Big Sea.

For someone who only speaks in 1-3 word sentences most of the time, she did a dang good little job, even though she doesn’t use the right words at times.  Now, the cute part of this video?  Maura decided her finger people would be performing (her finger people are just that, her fingers that she pretends are people.)  Notice how they’re singing into the microphone, dragging the microphone around in the middle?  And for some reason, a pen and fairy wand end up in the mix by the end.  I may be horribly biased, but it’s just all too dang cute.

Once again, I find myself grateful for the guys of Great Big Sea.  Something about their music speaks to Maura and because of that, we get moments like this.  Thank you for helping my daughter get her voice out.

And now, I give you Maura, singing to “Sea of No Cares” by Great Big Sea (specifically, the live version off their Courage, Patience and Grit CD/DVD – check it out.)


For those of you not in the know, Maura has (among other things) a disorder called Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  A very easy way of explaining it is that the wiring between her brain and mouth is off, making it hard to speak, on top of a seizure disorder that messes with her memory and motor planning sections of her brain.  So her being able to sing along with a song is a freaking huge deal in our world.  Then again, we’ve always known she’s a bit of a rock star 😉