What a lovely day to fail!

I’ve dubbed today Fail Day.  Because that’s the way it’s been today.

It all started with something innocent – go pick up Maura’s seizure meds from the pharmacist.  Now, we should have had more than enough, but the dang stopper in the bottle kept falling out when we turned it upside down to draw out the medication.  Which caused the liquid stuff to spill out.  More than once.

No problem.  Called the pharmacy yesterday, made sure our beloved Trileptal Oral Suspension was in stock and asked what their Saturday hours were.  10 to 2.


Woke up this morning, knew I had plenty of time.  Ate my bowl of Cheerios, got Maura hers, watched a little tv – no big deal, I had plenty of time.  I even debated – should I walk or ride my bike.  As I got ready finally to go, I glanced at the clock, then crapped my pants when I saw it was 1:24 pm.  Not 12:24, as I thought.

I grabbed my stuff, grabbed my bike and started on my way to the pharmacy.  Halfway there, it occurred to me that I forgot Maura’s prescription.  I thought of a few bad words as I called home and asked Collin to find the prescription.  He couldn’t find it. Crap.

At this point I am mad at myself, for not being able to read a clock correctly, for losing track of time, for forgetting the prescription, and am envisioning calling around to every pharmacy in So. County Dublin trying to find this medication – as we had about a dose left in the bottle at home, and this isn’t a medicine pharmacies keep in stock.

So I raced home (with the Wicked Witch’s theme song playing in my head as I pedaled furiously) and found where I put the prescription, then raced back out the door.  Thank goodness the way to the pharmacy isn’t uphill.  I got there with six minutes to spare.

Crisis over.

I decided to take my time getting home and went over to the shopping centre, locked up my bike and wandered through a couple of bookstores, bought Miriam some copy books for school, and hit the grocery store for dinner items and such.  I get out to my bike, set down my shopping and reach into my purse…and realize I don’t have the keys to the bike lock.


I called home, asked them to look for the keys.  Then I wait.  They call back, can’t find the keys in the two usual spots.  Fine.  Check my purses.  Browse Facebook and Twitter on my phone, then realized the time.  So I called back to tell Collin to make sure Maura got her afternoon dose of medicine (you know, the last one in the bottle) and ask if Sean’s left with the bike lock keys.

They can’t find the keys.

fricken fracken…

I told him to send Sean up on his bike with a backpack – I wasn’t going to schlep all this stuff home myself, but obviously I needed to go home and help them find the keys.  So I wait for Sean -at this point, I’ve cracked open the container of Pringles and was wishing I had gotten a bottle of water – and play on my phone some more.  Seriously, how did we all survive wait times before smart phones?

Sean arrived and I gave him the groceries to take home, then sent him on his way.  I got that bottle of water I wanted, and made my way home.  Halfway home, I wondered, why didn’t I just wait for a bus?


Finally, I got home and made everyone search the house for those keys.  Which ended up in one of my purses.  The one they didn’t check.


The bike is now safe in our yard again.  I’ve learned not to leave the house without making sure I have everything I need.  And that my children can’t find anything.