At the movies with Mim

The big shopping centre near our house has been hosting free movies on the green on Wednesdays.  Miriam and I caught the sign for this and were reading which movies they were showing.  I saw that “Roman Holiday” was one of them and of course, did that girly sigh.

To which Mim asked “What’s “Roman Holiday”?”

I explained it a bit – a princess runs away for the day – and she wanted to see it.

Yesterday, she announced “Oh, it’s August 3rd!  Today is the day they’re showing “Roman Holiday”.”   So at the right time (and despite me feeling like death warmed over, gently spread on a cracker because Maura had been up for most of the night) we grabbed our things and headed out the door to Dundrum.

Shopping centres here can be strip malls or indoor/outdoor malls.  Dundrum’s is the biggest shopping centre in Ireland, a bit of a maze of a building with a couple branches off the back.  They decided in one outdoor section to AstroTurf a square, where people lounge on sunny days, or gym boot camps show off what they do.  Or where they set up about 150 chairs so that people can watch a  movie on a big screen they truck in.

Mim and I picked out seats and then I left her to get some ice cream for us (granted, I left her sitting right where the three security guards were posted, so she was secure – but she thought she was all independent.)  And then the movie began. And the sun disappeared behind clouds.  And Miriam started shivering a little and wrapping her jacket around here (yes, it’s August, but this is also Ireland.  Heat doesn’t really happen.)  So I sent Josh a text, and he arrived, the hero with the pink fleece blanket.  Miriam and I wrapped it around us and were happy.

And then, as Audrey Hepburn is being shown the Colosseum, I felt the sky begin to spit on us.  I wondered how long the rain would hold off.  But again, this is Ireland.  They’re always prepared for wetness.  Next thing I know, the security guards are walking by handing out rain ponchos.  Miriam found wrapping herself up in a thin blue garbage back with a hood just about the funnest thing ever.

And there we all were.  About 150 people draped in blue plastic, hoods up, misty rain falling, watching “Roman Holiday” on an AstroTurf green as the nearby Mexican restaurant delivered Corona’s and chips to viewers with order numbers and Miriam huddled happily in her blue bag and munched on popcorn next to me.

As Gregory Peck walked out of the chambers leaving Audrey Hepburn behind and “The End” appeared, Miriam turned to me and said incredulously “Seriously?  That’s the ending!”  I laughed and asked her how it should be.  “They should live happily ever after!  They’re perfect for each other!”

I think Miriam will remember her first time seeing “Roman Holiday”.  And yes, she brought home her blue emergency rain poncho.  Just in case.