I miss…

…window screens. They don’t believe in those here.  There are two big black flies buzzing around as I type this.

…flavored coffees.  Like a chocolate cherry or hazelnut coffee.  Not a mocha or caramel macchiato type Starbuck’s drink.  But plain flavored coffee.  I haven’t seen that here.

…iced tea.  Seriously, for a country that loves its tea, they do NOT believe in icing it.

…soft cookies.  They don’t really have cookies here. They have biscuits.  That are hard.  Even the “American style” chocolate chip cookies are hard.

…genre specific radio stations.  Like a country music station (yeah, I said country music!)  The stations here are either all sorts of Lady GaGa-ish club music or a mish-mash of everything.  So like one day, we listed to Neil Diamond followed by The Clash followed by Garth Brooks.

…Crest toothpaste.  They don’t carry Crest here.  I’ve had to switch to Colgate.  Which is extremely popular here.

…quarters. I’m not sure why.  But I miss them.

…Tex-Mex and real barbarque.  Mmm…

…my hair salon.  I’ve been too chicken to try out a new one here, and Maura and I are both desperate for trims!

…watermelon.  They have them here, I’m just not willing to carry one home!

…degrees in Fahrenheit.

…a good thunderstorm.  They don’t really have those here.  I wonder why…