Rave – Fiesta dinnerware

It’s funny, one of the most popular searches that gets people to my blog is the rant I posted a while back about Ikea’s 365+ dinnerware.

To sum up – I bought that stuff, I liked that stuff, but that stuff kept chipping or breaking every time we turned around.

So after that disaster – which was so bad even my husband was saying “Can you buy new dishes?”, I decided to suck it up and buy Fiestaware.  I had coveted this stuff for years and years, but it’s pricey, so I kept going with cheaper alternatives (like Target clearance aisle and Ikea.)  All I had heard from others is “Buy Fiesta – they’re great and they don’t break.”

Added bonus – lots of colors to choose from.

So I bought them.  Bit by bit.  I waited for Macy’s or Kohl’s to have sales on them.  I really lucked out on Macy’s website – they’d have a buy one, get one free sale constantly on items, and different free shipping offers.  I’d buy the 4 piece set (dinner plate, bowl, small plate, mug).  Before I knew it, I had my set.

Now, immediately I wanted to say “Fiestaware is life changing!”  But I should be less biased about my pretty dishes, shouldn’t I?  At this point, I’ve been using them for a year and can say “Fiestaware is life changing!” and mean it.

Yes, it’s silly how much I like these dishes. I like the weight of the plates (they’re heavy) and the bowl shapes. My kids love the mugs, which are a really good size for kids – big enough, but not too big, like my Starbuck’s mugs.  I’ve been able to get serving dishes to coordinate with them.

Most of all though, I love the colors.  I have seven colors – the red, tangerine orange, sunflower yellow, lemongrass (light green), shamrock (darker green), turquoise, and peacock.  I love seeing them all stacked up in my cabinet, or laid out on the table.  They seem to make food look better when placed upon it.

Besides aesthetically pleasing me, they really do live up to the hype. I’ve yet to have one chip, which is impressive if you see how my boys handle dishes.  At our old house, they were dropped constantly with no damage.  They do not hold up to hitting the ceramic tile floor here, but what does?  Even my big Le Cruset baking pan died horribly when it hit that floor.  My lovely mother-in-law read a Facebook update, where I mourned the first broken piece (a sunflower yellow cereal bowl) and replaced it…sort of.  She bought me the big serving bowl!  Which I use constantly and am forever grateful for!

So if you have kids who drop plates, or just like pretty things and colorful dishes, buy Fiesta items.  You will not regret it.  And if you do – just send those pieces to me.  I’ll take them off your hands.


some of my bowls, waiting to be filled with yummy stuff