Sunday Afternoon Shopping

It seems like lately, I’ve done a lot of shopping.  Mostly for food, books and school supplies.  And after doing all the back-to-school shopping, I found myself needing to do a little more.

So after mass (for which we were horribly late – turns out 10:30 mass was changed to 10 am mass…ooops.), we hopped the train and went to the big shopping centre, Dundrum.  Mim needed new school shoes.  Maura wanted new shoes and kept stealing Mim’s new gym shoes.  I thought I’d be nice and let them pick out a couple new outfits as well.

First stop was for shoes…okay, I lie.  First stop was Starbuck’s, cause I wasn’t going to face shopping with two girls without something to keep me going.  Then we hit the shoe store, which was a slight zoo.  We managed to get the shoes we needed in the correct sizes and everyone left happy.

After that, I successfully steered Maura past the ice cream shop and into the clothing store.  I had plans to let her pick out one of the cute outfits that were shirt/leggings combos, as they had a winter version of the summer clothes she picked out there.  You know those best laid plans and such?  Yeah.  She bypassed every single piece from that section.  Instead, she followed Mim over to a more brightly colored section and plucked out a dress.


The dress did not appeal to me in any way.  I think it’s actually a little ugly.  But Maura insisted.  And everyone else seemed to think it was cute.  And it was only 16 euro.  And Maura kept throwing a fit if I tried to even hold it.  I know my girl and know she knows what she likes.  And she wanted this dress.

Meanwhile, Mim found a really cute shirt as well and asked if she could get it.  I said yes, and told her to find some sort of jeans to go with it.  She chose light denim, stretchy, but not too skinny jeans. With a belt. That had a bow.  Cause Mim’s into bows now apparently.

Then Maura plucked another skirt off the rack – which is actually a cute pettiskirt and one I had considered for her anyway.  We got the coordinating leggings and a top to go with it.  Then I decided to call it a day, despite Mim trying on hats and Maura eyeing more items.

We go to check out with our items – two shirts, a dress, a skirt, a pair of leggings and a pair of pants. Three outfits total.  The cashier made a big fuss out of it all – not in a bad way.  But it was “Oh!  Aren’t you lucky girls!  So spoiled, getting all these clothes!”

It was a reminder to me that we’re not in America any more.  Before, buying three outfits never phased a cashier.  But this isn’t the first time here someone’s said to my girls “Wow, you’re getting all this?  Aren’t you lucky?”  In the States, I could blow through Old Navy or Target, buy an armful of stuff and not have anyone blink.  Here, I was buying three outfits for two girls to share and it was a big deal.

I kind of like it.  I want my girls to think this is a special thing and not the norm.  I did get too shopaholic at one point in life, and the girls had too many clothes, which just overwhelmed us all.  They expected me to buy them whatever they saw and liked at that moment (well, Maura is kind of like this still, but we’ll be understanding of it.)

I think we’re getting it. We went through that store, were picky about what we were choosing.  We don’t need a lot, and really, the girls will happily wear the same four outfits repeatedly if they’re clean (and even if they’re not.)  When I let Maura choose the outfit, she wears it more. Case in point – right now, she’s wearing the new clothes.  She also constantly chose the one shirt she fell in love with in the spring when she could.  She’ll put up with clothing I’ve picked out, but I know her heart loves the stuff she’s gotten to choose for herself.  Miriam is the same way.  She has two shirts she absolutely loves (her two Yorkie dog shirts) and then there’s the rest that she’ll put up with.

The cashier did have a point – the girls were lucky that I was able to let them roam free in this shop and pick out outfits.  And they are a little spoiled – I can own that truth.  As we left the store, Miriam said “Thanks for buying me new clothes.”  Obviously there is a new level of appreciation happening in her world.

Meanwhile, I still think the dress Maura picked out is kind of ugly…though on her, with her big smile, it’s cute –

Maura, very proud of her purple, brown and reddish-orange dress!