Music Monday – “Run Runaway”

Ah yes, from the Discography of Great Big Sea, I bring you another musical selection…

This is a weirdly sentimental song for me.  The first time I took Maura (then age 3 1/2) to a GBS concert, they played this song.  But it wasn’t just the song, but the whole moment.

Maura and I - GBS concert - 2007

See, despite getting front row seats, Maura was still short enough that she couldn’t see the stage well if she was on the ground.  But at the time, she hadn’t been diagnosed with the seizure disorder that threw her balance off, so she felt unstable standing on the chair.  So, I held her for a good portion of the concert on my hip.  I was certain I would pay for this the next day, but amazingly, I didn’t.

At this concert, the people around us were just absolutely lovely – which impressed me.  Instead of looking at me oddly for bringing a 3 1/2 year old, they asked if it was her first concert (it was), cooed over her little GBS concert shirt I found for her online, handed her a spare Newfoundland flag (which we still have) and so on, and so forth.  At one point, two college girls snuck down to the front and slid next to us, where they fussed happily over Maura. At one point, the woman next to me offered to hold her for a bit, to give me a break.

That’s about the point they started playing “Run Runaway” – a song that you just have to jump around to.  And that’s what we were doing – my neighbor with Maura, me, the college girls who snuck their way forward…it was one of those high energy moments.

And then, the college girls pointed, I turned and there was Bob, one of the band members, the one Maura was most interested in that night because he had ALL the cool toys in her eyes – there’s Bob during the musical interlude of the song, playing to my daughter.  He had come forward and got down to her level and played his fiddle to my girl.  She stared at him with pure adoration and he smiled back at her as he played.

Needless to say, that moment warmed this mama’s heart.  I liked the song before.  After that, it always makes me smile. And to this day, we still jump around to the song 🙂