Coffee please!

I would like to thank Starbucks for their little Via packets of instant coffee.  We don’t own a coffee maker, though we do own a coffee French press.  But I’ve yet to wrangle that thing, so I just get the Starbuck’s Via Italian Roast and am a happy camper in the mornings.

Oh sure, it’s not great coffee.  But I’m not a great coffee drinker.  And I put enough milk into it that it barely qualifies as coffee as is.

But this morning, I’m very grateful for those little coffee packets.  Because yesterday was a helluva day and today started early and has kept me on my toes.

I think the problem was that I had a plan.  A whole gameplan for my day.  Get up, get kids off to school.  Have coffee and check Facebook, then run a couple errands.  All of that went good.  Got home, had lunch, changed into cleaning clothes, cranked up music and went to clean the house.

This is where it all started to go wrong.

As I got started, hanging out wash to dry, I heard the phone ring.  Now, very rarely does anyone call me, usually it’s a school, so I sprinted through the yard, through the house, grabbed the phone to hear “Hi Phoebe, this is the principal over at St. Michael’s House…”

Crap.  Maura’s school.

Maura had a seizure…though not what the common man would consider a seizure.  But the staff at school were savvy enough to notice the aftermath signs, got out her chart, read notes I gave them and realized that her sudden sleepiness and limpness meant she probably had a seizure.   Maura has what’s called “complex partial seizures” – so she can go into what is traditionally called a grand mal seizure (falling over, shaking about, out of consciousness)…or she could have a partial seizure – which means only part of her seizes.  Could be as simple as her thumb twitching.  One time it was actually  just her legs contorting.  She also probably has absence seizures, which means she looks spaced out but then comes back into reality.

Anyway, I told the principal we’d be there asap, then called Josh, who borrowed a car from  a co-worker (seriously, I love Microsoft guys!) and picked me up.  We got to the school and they brought Maura to us.  Happy, but tired and limp Maura.  The staff all took the time to hear us explain the whole complex partial seizure, and when we pointed out sometimes she’ll go slack-faced, they said “Oh yes!  That’s what she was doing!”   Kudos to them for picking up that she wasn’t right even while she was asking to go outside to play with the rest of the class.

So we bundled her off home, though on the drive home, I turned and found her doing this weird blinky thing with her eyes.  I asked her if her head was okay and she said “No.”  Poor kid.  Once home, we tucked her in on the couch, took her temperature (99+) and turned on My Little Pony and Spongebob and other mind-numbing shows that make her giggle.

At this point I’ve realized I’m supposed to host knit club in a few hours.  Crap.  So I called up one of the group, explained why I had to back out, while Josh was saying “Well, you could probably still go if you want.”

But then Maura threw up.  I missed out on that (Thank you God.)  Poor Miriam didn’t.  She came flying out of the living room, desperately looking for the bucket.  Josh cleaned it all up while Miriam and I hid  hung out in another room.

I was very glad at that point I cancelled on knit group.  They all have kids.  I wouldn’t want to spread a stomach bug if that’s what Maura had.  Though I wondered if part of it was she drank the yogurt drink from the morning that she’d rejected but was still on the counter (ew.)

Finally, things began to settle down.  Maura fell asleep finally and we carried her up to bed.

At about 5 am this morning, our bedroom door opened.  Hello Maura.  Josh took one look at her there, grabbed his blanket and headed downstairs to the guest room.  Smart man.  Why should we both suffer the knees and elbows of Maura?  Of course, Maura was WIDE AWAKE at this point, having gotten her 10 hours of sleep.  Me?  Not so much.  I dozed through a variety of cartoons while Maura elbowed me, burrowed her sharp toenails into my legs and asked for Spongebob (which was on thank goodness) and water.  Eventually I gave up and took her downstairs and made my cup of Starbucks Via Italian Roast.

Only to discover we were out of milk.


So I went to the corner market and got milk. I was not facing today without coffee.

Meanwhile, Maura’s still all shiny happy perky, has eaten enough to make up for yesterday’s lack of meals, has dumped milk in two different rooms, was writing with a Sharpie (on paper at least) and tried to steal my lunch.

I’m on coffee #2.  Yes.  This is a good day for coffee.