The one where we got a puppy

I should have seen it coming.  He’d been scouring the ads, showing me different collie pictures, talking about how cute they all were.  So on Wednesday night, when he got home late from his trip to Belfast, he said “I want to show you something outside.”

I had a feeling it would be either a puppy or a motorcycle (those tend to follow him home too.)

It was definitely a puppy.  A little girl collie mix – what we’d consider boarder collie and Australian shepherd – of the blue merle variety, with one blue eye and one brown eye.  After much deliberation, we named her Zoey Blue.

New puppy!

Zoey and the kids have taken to each other.  Miriam is in love and wore the poor puppy out today paying with her.  Sean enjoys having the puppy curled up on him.  Collin acts a bit indifferent, but then the puppy follows him around and soon ends up snuggled against him as well.  Maura is beyond thrilled and has been trying to take care of the puppy by filling her food dish (which the puppy loves) and finding a leash for her (which the puppy doesn’t love.)

I will say, she’s a smart puppy too.  Yesterday, she dragged in a pair of Maura’s sunglasses, so she could chew on them.  We said “No!” and she stopped…waited…eyed us a little, then went to gnaw on them again.  We said “No!” and I got up to retrieve the sunglasses.  Zoey rolled over onto the sunglasses, trying to hide them from me.

Now all we have to do is housebreak her (which is going surprisingly well – again, we got the smart puppy) and teach her some good manners.  And maybe how to herd Maura.

crappy cell phone picture of the tired puppy