The One with all the Christmas prep

(what can I say? I’ve been watching a lot of “Friends” reruns lately, and Mim asked “Why are they all called “The One With…” – um, cause they are?  And it’s easy? I think I’ll try that!)

(second side note – watching “Friends” reruns makes me realize that I am slowly morphing into Phoebe Buffet.  You’ve been warned.)

So, tis the Christmas season.  I have kids.  This means I must do Christmassy stuff, or feel the guilt only moms can feel.  Luckily, I like Christmas, and while reorganizing the storage room in the fall, I put the Christmas boxes within easy reach.

We did run into a problem right away – we couldn’t figure out where to put a Christmas tree (we left our fake tree in Michigan, as it was fab, but hard to store even with a big basement.)  We planned on getting a real tree this year, only to realize that we had no place to put a tree.  Our living/dining room area only has two outlets – one near the front window by the dining table, and one in the back corner, behind a bookcase.  We then thought “Well, maybe if we move the side table with the printer, we can get a skinny fake tree and fit it there…”  Only to discover fake trees that look decent are really expensive!

At this point, I began to regret also leaving behind my skinny fake potted tree just because it was pre-lit….

But then one day, Josh and I were at the grocery store and another couple strolled by with a small potted evergreen tree in their cart.  We eyed it, then started scouring the store for where they were at.  There were three left – one that was nice and fully but crooked.  Really crooked.  One was a Charlie Brown tree.  So we went with the third.

Now, Miriam had requested a BIG tree. But Josh knows how to sell it.  We walked in with this tree and she said “Oh it’s a little Christmas tree!”

Josh said “YES!  Isn’t it CUTE?”

Mim fell for it.  “I LOVE IT!”

It has worked out, as it just fits all our ornaments that are special to us, and it’s up and out of the way so the puppy doesn’t gnaw or pee on it.

Now we have to figure out where to hang stockings.  I don’t want to put a bunch of nails in the nice wood of the fireplace mantel that we don’t own.  Not to mention, we use the fireplace and I don’t want to set a stocking on fire.

Meanwhile, I still have Christmas shopping to do.  I live near the largest shopping centre in all of Ireland…and I’m avoiding it like the plague.  We’re planning on a low key Christmas gift-wise, and luckily, the kids are cooperating by not giving us huge lists (a first!)  Heck, we asked Sean what he’d like, and even he doesn’t know what he wants.  Collin’s getting a good umbrella as a gag gift (he is not thrilled by Irish rain.)

Otherwise, we have Christmas parties and concerts and cinema trips and circuses and Santa grottos and all sorts of other things to deal with (again, we lucked out as these are all happening through the schools. phew!)

But the puppy needs to go out. I’m so glad we got a puppy the coldest week in Ireland that we’ve experienced so far!

Our not quite Charlie Brown tree