The One with Rudolph



Santa paid a visit to Maura’s school today, to have lunch with the kids and pass out a present to each one.  Maura got home and brought me her backpack, which she was trying to open.  On top was a thing of Cadbury candies, which wasn’t what she wanted to show me.  What she wanted to show me was the classic Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer dvd.

I have to admit – I’m just as geeked as she is about it.  We don’t own it, and I was all bummed about maybe not seeing it here this year.

See, I’ve always loved Rudolph.  Always.  As a kid, I had a little stuffed Rudolph (which to this day, I wonder what happened to him…because he was one of my favorites!)  Every year, I *had* to watch the show.  *Had* to.

Why Rudolph?

Because I could relate to the poor little red-nosed reindeer that was the oddball amongst all the other little reindeer.  As a child, I had a horrible speech impediment, was always the shortest girl in my class, and psoriasis ( a lovely skin condition that made my arms and legs break out in big flaky patches that itched a lot.)  There were so many reasons for me to be teased for at school.  And it happened a lot.

Yep, just like poor Rudolph, people used to laugh and call me names.  I dealt with it.  It wasn’t all horrible.  Sure, I didn’t have to pair up with a dental-obsessed elf and lumberjack.  But I didn’t have to save anyone from an abominable snowman either.  In a twist of irony, I did have an elephant pillow that looked a lot like the elephant doll on the Island of Misfit Toys.

As we all know, Rudolph was able to turn his issue into a perk, getting to be the lead reindeer for Santa’s sleigh.  Me?  I did fix the speech problems, grew to a normal-ish height (okay, I’m still short, but I’m okay with that!), and eventually learned how to deal with the people who’d laugh at me and call me names.

Yeah, life turned out alright for both Rudolph and I.