How we spent our Friday afternoon

Today, after an hour of trying to keep Maura and the puppy from annoying each other (Maura was annoyed because the puppy kept trying to gnaw on her stuff, the puppy because Maura kept taking the lovely chewable stuff away), I decided both needed to go on a walk.

So we packed up girls and puppy, abandoning the boys at home to work on their X-Box pallor (actually, they’d been out earlier with their father) and headed to a beach.

Beaches in Ireland, from what we’ve seen, tend to be small, more rocky than sandy, and full of people strolling, half of them with dogs running amok.  We’ve been here long enough for me to have a favorite “local” beach – Killiney Beach. It’s somewhat sandy, somewhat rocky, and long enough that I haven’t managed to stroll the entire length of it yet.

Okay, it’s not that long – I could stroll the course of it easily.  But I can’t because…

…girls are too busy building sand castles

girls working together


…and like a good mom, I have to take a picture of the hard work…

note the artistic wave crashing behind sand creation


…and while they’re doing that, I’m searching for sea glass and pretty stones.  Today was an exceptionally good day for sea glass…

See? Glass!


And when we weren’t dawdling building sand creations, looking for sea glass, or being chased by waves (amazingly, no one was caught), we stopped to explain our puppy to passersby.  I guess Zoey’s coloring is quite unusual in Ireland.  But it works for her – she loves all the petting and praise.

Not being petted or praised at that moment


Eventually, we head home via the grocery store (because we’re always in need of food.)  And puppy was nice and tired and stopped chewing on everything.  Which was part of the goal.

what happens when you mix a tired puppy with an 11 year old girl