I am so grateful that…

…my older three kids are so darn self-sufficient and capable.  Because this mama isn’t going to work properly today.

It started at 3 am, when I suddenly sat up and realized there was a girl in the doorway.  Maura.  Oy.  So I told her to hop into the bed and she did…and I realized her shirt was wet.  Her pull up had leaked.


Of course, by the time I got her changed and dry, she was WIDE awake.  And happy!  Of course she was happy, she had slept for six hours.  Me?  I had stayed up late to watch “The Others” and so had an hour of sleep to work on.  So I turned on a movie I thought would be appropriately boring for her – “The Slipper and the Rose” – and hoped she’d go back to sleep soon.

She didn’t.  Turns out she thought the movie was great!  She laughed and giggled and kicked the blankets off us, and laughed some more while poking me to make sure I was paying attention to.  Or, she poked me because she realized I had dozed off and couldn’t have any of that.

I did think about shoving her lovingly back into her bed, but the idea of having to change all the bedding at that time just didn’t seem worth it.  I thought that certainly, she would eventually go back to sleep.

At 6 am, I reevaluated that thought process, as Maura was poking me and asking for another show to be put on.  I refused.  So she laid there in bed next to me, grinning a little, whispering loudly and laughing hysterically over whatever it was she was thinking about.

Then at one point, I realized how slightly creepy that was.  Probably because I had watched “The Others” – but who was she whispering to anyway?  And what was so funny?  And WHEN did she learn how to whisper like that?  However, tired sensibilities won out at that moment – if there was some strange other-worldly creature she was trading jokes with in my room, I didn’t care enough to want to know about it at that point.  I told her to go to sleep.  She quieted down.  Eventually  she let me go to sleep.

Two hours later, Josh came in (he was having his own fun-filled night – in the process of making Maura drier, we woke up the puppy).  I sat up, mumbled something, and hit the pillow again.  Finally did get up for the day, feeling not so refreshed.

And now?  I’m having coffee and Advil.  Maura helped herself to a mug of Coke and is now bouncing between “way too perky” and “meltdown mode”.

We’ll see if we manage to stay up until midnight to ring in the new year.