Sunday Afternoon in the Dublin Hills

We try to take advantage of any good weather by dragging children outside and forcing nature upon them.  Now that we have an active puppy that needs to burn energy, we have yet another reason to force kids outdoors.

Today, we hit the Dublin Mountains again.  They’re not that far – we actually have a view of them from our window.  Of course, down here at the bottom of the mountain, it was breezy but nice.  However, once we braved the very narrow winding road up the mountain and squeezed into the car park and got out, we realized that it gets windier the higher you go. Fourteen paces into our hike, Miriam was already complaining that her head was cold, so I allowed her to swipe Maura’s hat, as Maura had a hood.

At the beginning of the trail, we took the mandatory “four kids” photo – and a rare thing happened.  I caught Collin smiling in one.

Maura, Sean, Collin (smiling!) and Mim


After annoying them with picture taking, we moved on and I wandered off the path a little to check out the little forts built in the woods.


Then we made our way up to the top of the mountain (which wasn’t too far, as we drove up half of it.)  We met a group on their way down, all of whom stopped to say “Be careful!  It’s very windy up there!” and “Hold onto your hats, it’s windy up there!”

They weren’t exaggerating.  It was wickedly windy up on top.  Miriam was certain she’d get blown off.  But I made them gather up for another photo.

Obligatory mountain top pose


Note Collin's smile? It's because we joked about Mim getting blown over the edge. As you can tell, Mim doesn't think it's funny.


The Irish Sea in the distance - or as Maura said - "Beach!"


The other side of the mountain - yes, Ireland really does look like all the pictures you see


After picture taking, we went back down, to get out of the wind, hiked about a bit, nearly lost the three older ones who we sent into the woods to take photos of anything interesting they saw.

apparently mushrooms are interesting


But they made it out and we made it back to the car park before they locked it up at 4 pm. And we headed home for dinner.

Oh, and I took a picture of the puppy – because she stood still long enough to get a picture of her –

Cute puppy