Music Monday and Such

It’s Monday.  Who needs a song to get them moving today?  Well, Train (one of my favorite bands) has a new song coming out tomorrow, and it’s out on their site now, so check it out!

Train – Drive By

If you check out other “Music Monday” selections, you’ll find a bit of Train in there.  Josh called it once, when describing why our musical tastes are so different.  Josh loves a good beat.  The more bass the better in his world.  But I like good lyrics.  I do like a good tune, something to dance or jump around to, but I love good lyrics.  I like a song with a soul.  Train delivers that for me.


Meanwhile, in our world, the craziness of Christmas holidays are over.  The kids have all gone back to school, Josh has gone back to work, and I’m here, alone, in my house.  Just me, the puppy, and a huge mound of laundry to keep me company.

Zoey the Puppy has been keeping me busy all  morning – she tries gnawing on things like the puppy she is, I stop her.  She sneaks upstairs, I get her back downstairs.  She wants out, I let her out, then back in, then out, then in again.  It is a bit like having a toddler, except Zoey can’t scream “NOOOO!” at me and I can legally lock her in a cage.

The one thing I’m noticing about her is her eyes.  Because she’s a blue merle collie, she has one blue eye and one brown eye.  And I swear, those eyes tell different stories.

The brown eye is the happy-go-lucky good puppy eye.  The blue eye though shows her disdain for the rules, her intelligence mocking us.

The brown eye says “Oh, look at me! I’m a cute little puppy!  Pet me! Rub my tummy!”

Meanwhile, the blue eye is saying “That’s right, bend to my will slave.  I will own you!”

Or maybe I need to just interact with more humans today.