Riddle me this…

We’ve been in Ireland almost a full year, yet there is one thing that still hasn’t made sense to me.

The electric shower.

“What is an electric shower?” you ask.  Why, it’s a box on the wall of the shower, that you turn on and it heats up the water instantaneously as you shower.

It’s actually a cool concept.  Having an electric shower means you never run out of hot water.  Having two electric showers in your house means that two people can be in two separate showers, having their shower as hot as they like.

In a family of six, this is really quite a handy thing.  Just turn on the power to the box (which in our house is a string hanging down from a box on the ceiling), then turn on the shower in the stall, and set the temperature to what you’d like. Miriam can shower upstairs while I hose Maura off downstairs.

It sounds like I like them, so why the confusion over them?

Well…this is where I get lost…

They have boxes, run by electricity, inside your shower. Where you are showering, with water spraying everywhere around it.

But the light switches for our bathrooms?  Are outside of the bathroom.  And bathrooms do not have power outlets for the most part. Some newer ones I’ve been in have special outlets for electric razors, which do you no good when you’re standing there with dripping hair and no where to plug in your hair dryer.  I’m guessing this is all done for safety purposes, so you don’t accidentally electrocute yourself while turning on the light or whatnot.

So if you’re still following along  – no outlet, no light switch inside the bathroom.

And yet there are electric showers.

After almost a year, it still doesn’t make any sense to my American brain.