What to do, what to say…

All this blog traffic has got me thinking,  “What shall I blog about?”

Do I blog about how for the first time in…um…yeah…I not only got my Christmas decorations up in a timely manner, but I also took them down in a timely manner?  (Okay, today.)  Which is a huge accomplishment in my world.

Do I reach down into my inner depths and come up with something thought-provoking?  With Spongebob on the telly?  Yeah, that’s not happening.  One cannot think deep thoughts while Spongebob is crying over not being able to go to work.

Do I try to clear up misconceptions about what people are saying about how I view Maura all over the interwebs?  Tempting…but again, Sponebob the Brain Cell Killer is on tv.

Do I talk about how to sit on the couch today, I had to move a laptop, three penguin dolls and a lunch box? Or how Halloween decorations are now on my table because I put them in the Christmas storage boxes “for the time being”, and now need to find a new box?

Maybe I should talk about this puppy, who is attached to our ankles at all times and wants one of us within sight at all times.  Separation anxiety much Zoey?  Or how good she was at Show and Tell today, shaking Mim’s hand when asked, and then stuck her paw out for another “shake”.  Or how worried I was that she’d pee in the school, but thank goodness didn’t.

Or I could just post this picture of Miriam’s hand, which in her new-found love of astronomy, she decorated with a slew of stars…yeah, I think I’ll do that.  Genius doesn’t happen every day you know!

note the fingernails, each painted with a different sparkly color.