Dear Starbucks

Thank you for your Starbucks Via packets.

No, really!

As a tired mom with four kids, and a new puppy, there are mornings I solely get up so I can turn on my shiny electric kettle, heat up water, open up a packet of your Via instant coffee and mix it with some milk and sugar.

See, when we moved to Ireland, we didn’t bring our coffee maker (it was leaking and it wouldn’t work here anyway.)  We had a French press, but no coffee grinder.  Then the French press got broken. My husband went on a six month journey to find a coffee grinder and coffee pot he actually wanted that wasn’t 500 euro.  Meanwhile, I had no coffee.

Now, I had tried your Via instant coffee when it first came out – picking up the mocha and caramel flavors.  I didn’t really like them and gave them to a friend.  But one day, while in line at Starbucks here, I saw just regular Via packets and thought “Oh, what the heck.”

Go figure, I like them.  I like them a lot.  I’m on my second cup today.

I’m no coffee aficionado.  I just want some brew in my big mug that’s caffeinated.   I usually stock different strengths, and keep little packets of the decaf version around for my one daughter, who has decided to be a coffee drinker as well.

But the highest praise came from my husband, who is a coffee aficionado, who stated “It doesn’t suck.”  It doesn’t suck enough that even now that he has a new French press and a coffee grinder, he will still opt for a cup of the Via once in a while.

So thank you, for making one little section of my life easier.  That said, it would be nicer if someone just delivered a mocha to my door every morning, but the only place I know of that loves me enough that they would do that for me, I left back in Michigan.

Note – I was not paid or compensated in any way for this review.  But if Starbucks wants to send me more coffee…well…I wouldn’t say no!