Music Monday – “Hallelujah”

I think the first time I was exposed to this song, sadly, was while watching “Shrek”.   The next time I really noticed it was when KD Lang sang it during the Winter Olympics.  Then, somehow, it left my radar again.

It came back on my radar again, and I realized I needed this song – and then realized there are dozens of covers of it as well.   It was originally by Leonard Cohen – which is a much more bluesy feeling song than the covers I’ve been exposed to. The Jeff Buckley cover seems to be very popular version, one that the newer ones seemed to be based off of.  There’s even a cover of it by Bon Jovi. The one from “Shrek” is performed by Rufus Wainwright, in case you were wondering.

But the version I went with was Kate Voegele’s – the simplicity of the guitar and the fact that her version’s in my range sold it to me.  You know, usually, I’m not big on covers of songs – but with this one, it makes sense that someone who loves to sing would want to cover it.  And this way, a person can find their favorite version, like I did.