My own personal Pinterest challenge

So, after…um…expressing my feelings about Pinterest last week, I thought about it.  Possibly while perusing Pinterest itself.

And I decided to challenge myself.

One pin per week.  I must incorporate one pin per week into my life*.  Whether it’s trying a recipe, tackling a craft, doing an exercise or using an organizational tip, I will start using Pinterest usefully.  And then I shall blog about it here.  Because, well, I have nothing better to do.  Okay, I do, but who likes housework anyway?

And in the real world, the puppy is going mad for an old soccer sock.  Hmm…I wonder if there’s something you can do with 13 old maroon soccer socks?

*I reserve the right to skip any craft that might cost me oodles of money to do, and a knitting project may take longer than a week, as I am a slow knitter.