Pinterest Challenge – the clementine candle

One of the first things I pinned on Pinterest was “how to  make a clementine candle“.  I thought “Hey!  I like candles!  And we always have clementines in the house! The kids will get a kick out of this!”

That was 11 weeks ago, according to my pin.  Oops.

Today, Maura wanted a clementine.  I peeled it, and as I was peeling the “easy peel” fruit, I thought “you know, I have nothing better to do…and I did say I’d try a pin a week…”

So I felt around the bag of clementines and found a squishy one, which means it would be easy to peel, and pulled out a knife to try this.

I have to say – it went surprisingly easy.  Within minutes, I had a clementine candle.  One tip – make sure your “wick” is centered over the star opening or else it’ll start burning the peel.

pulling out the individual portions (which were consumed by Sean)
tried making a star - I'm not sure what shape I ended up with
filled it a bit with olive oil...
...and after a couple tries...a flame!
with the cover on...
another angle - you can see the amount of olive oil I used
still lit!
you can see where the cover was getting too much heat and burning...

Once done, I brought it in to show off to the kids…only to be met with “Huh?  What is that?  Oh…can I eat the insides?”

Kids are no fun.  But the clementine candle is fun!  And still burning strong beside me.  I may have a party trick at last!