Music Monday – “One Last Drink”

For your Monday morning, and in honor of our return from our Scottish Holiday, I bring you Enter the Haggis.  Which is actually a Canadian band.  But they’re a great sound, and wear kilts and play bagpipes, so good enough, right?

I first noticed them because of their band name – I saw a sign outside the Ark in Ann Arbor, MI for the band.  Their name caught my eye, so I looked them up.  You can hear their new album right there on their website, just click on the link above.  This song is the first one off their live album, Northampton, which is the first album I bought (listen to it here.)  Highly recommend it, as does Maura, who likes their sound as well.

And that’s all my post-holiday brain can come up with.  Yes, there will be a holiday re-cap.  Just not this morning.  Instead, listen to the good music.  Music is good.