Well, that was quick…and a little creepy…

So yesterday, I wrote about my banking problems, in hopes that it would produce results – aka, a bank card at my house with my name on it.

The bank card did not arrive.  But I did get results.

The results were in the form of a phone call, from a representative of said bank.  Said bank that monitors Twitter for mentions of themselves.  My note to them caught their eye, and I guess because of my name being part of my web address, they were able to deduce who I was, and called me up.

Once again reminding me how scary social media can be at times.

Anyhoo, the nice lady asked about my complaint, and I went through the saga of trying to get on the account and having to wait, and all of that, and how I’ve yet to receive a bank card.

She then explained to me that I didn’t have a bank card because…wait for it…the box next to “Yes, I want a bank debit card” was not checked off.

Say what?

So…to get this straight…despite me asking if I’d filled out everything correctly on the forms back in November and handing them in, and being told I did, and despite going into the branch in January and asking how long it would take to get the bank card and being told a week or so, and despite going in two and a half weeks ago, explaining I hadn’t gotten my card, and the teller looking it up and telling me it’d been issued and should arrive at my house within a week…no card had actually been issued.  Ever.

That thunking noise?  That’s my head hitting a wall.

The polite woman on the phone then suggested that maybe I should have come into the branch to talk to someone.

more thunking noises.  I then explained that I had gone into the branch, in person, and had talked to a live human being.  Twice.  Josh was with me the one time, I have a witness to that. And was told that my card had been ordered and was being sent just two weeks ago.

I got an “oh..” sort of response to that.  I think she finally saw why I was feeling a bit frustrated.

So now, a card is being issued.  And will arrive in 3-4 days at the branch.  So I can go into the branch, in person, to pick it up.  You know, to speed up the process.  Or for them to get a good look at the annoying American woman who’s causing all sorts of problems.

And that is the update.  So, if you want to get a company’s notice, just put it on Twitter and they will find you.  Which actually, saved me from having to drag my sick sorry carcass into the local branch.  So in a way, while a bit creepy they were able to track me down in about 16 hours, I can now spend the time I would have spent at the bank to lay on the couch and die a little until kids get home from school.