I just moo’ed at my dog.

I got up to use the bathroom.  Puppy followed me.  I turned, she stopped and cocked her head, in that RCA Victrola puppy way.  And I looked back at her and said “moo.”

Why yes, I have lost my mind.  But I’m not sure this is the indicator.  Just another example.  If I start remembering all the French I took in college then promptly forgot, then we’ll know something is seriously wrong with me.

But moo’ing at the dog is probably just do to the lack of sleep my cold/flu thing has caused me, coupled with some serious houseboundness.  I finally sucked it up and made myself a doctor’s appointment.  I’m kind of hoping for some good drugs.

Or maybe, it’s all caused by the runaround I’ve gotten from the bank.  I went there yesterday to pick up my bank card.  Which had actually arrived.  As I basked in the glow of a card with a bank name, Visa logo and my very own name on it, the guy behind the counter said “Okay, now that your card has been activated, you’ll receive a pin number for your card in 2-3 days.”


Why yes.  Here, they give you a card, you activate it…and then wait for your pin number.  Which means I can’t use it at any stores or to pull cash until I get that pin number.

That has to be it.  I must be suffering from brain damage, from long term banging my head against the wall thanks to bank issues.