How I spent my 1st of March

I spent this Thursday cursing at my computer.

It started after I cursed out my printer/scanner, which refused to scan.  So instead, I used the copy feature, which wasn’t quite what I wanted to do and will require me having to run up to the school tomorrow to drop stuff off instead of emailing it all and being done.

But then, as soon as I printed out all I needed – Blue Screen.

Not “of Death”.  But this is the second Blue Screen in as many weeks.

Now, I have an external hard drive.  And I have backed up on occasion.  But it’s been…oh…probably a year?  And that’s a lot of lost pictures, let me tell you!  After trying to upload stuff to my new Flickr pro account and it taking longer than Miriam trying to pick out just the right treat, I gave up and found the external hard drive, and plugged it into the computer.

Which promptly froze up.


So today is “do before it dies” day.  I was going to move those dang photos if it killed me.  I set up my laptop, the tablet (so I could play online while moving stuff) and a third laptop with my newly purchased full series of “Life on Mars” – one of the best tv shows ever, find it, watch it, love it.

Really, my dining table looked like my husband was at home.  HA!

First, I tried moving the files manually…which worked until the computer froze up.  So I restarted it, and figured out how to do the automatic backup…which worked until the computer froze up.  So I restarted it, and figured out how to sync just the files I wanted.  Which worked until…yep…froze up.

Go figure, it was the file with our vacation pictures from Ireland that keeps freezing things up.

So those got unchecked.  New sync going.  I’m at 82%.  I refuse to be hopeful until it says it’s all done.

Meanwhile, I had a mild freak out when I couldn’t find Maura’s prescription book, which holds her prescriptions and says “Hey! She’s disabled!  She can get this for free!”  After frantically running between the kitchen and my desk, obsessively tidying the areas it might have been along the way, and taking the time to flip out about it on Facebook for some moral support and threats to St. Anthony if he didn’t help me out (hey, true friends offer to sic their nana on St. Anthony) – I found it.

Oh, and there was some finding of the dinner and laundry thrown in there, but that’s normal stuff.

So to sum up – I cursed a lot today.  Maybe snapped at vulnerable family members as well in my panic.  Oh, and coughed.  Because while I do believe the antibiotics are working to get rid of whatever it is I’ve been dealing with, it hasn’t completely won yet.

And I vow – and mean it this time – that I will print off at least some of my pictures, so I don’t have this stupid picture-induced panic the next time my computer flashes blue at me.

I also have decided I want to become a famous enough blogger that random celebrities send me funny photos of themselves on Twitter, like The Bloggess managed to have happened this week.  I choose the guys from Great Big Sea and Train and if I can dream, a visit from The Doctor would be awesome (as in Doctor Who, #11, Matt Smith, because Maura absolutely adores him.)

Well…looky there…I managed to finish the sync.  Once again, my pictures are safe.  Well, that only ate up about 9 hours of my day.


p.s. – in case you were wondering…no, I have not received the pin number to my bank card yet.  I did receive a lovely text Tuesday stating it would be ready to pick up in 2-3 days.  Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?  Hopefully not cursing in a bank, that’s what!