Today at Mass…

…the priest had the children at Mass come sit on the altar steps and asked them questions about this and that.  Our own little Hermione Granger, Miriam, kept shooting up her hand and answering questions.  Josh sat there all proud.

The priest then pointed out the big pillar candle, which had a special emblem on it – the one for the Eucharistic Congress that’s going on this year.  He then asked the children “What is supposed to happen in the year 2012?”

Miriam’s hand was the only one that shot up.  The priest called on her.  She answered “The end of the world.”

That sound?  Was the sound of Josh’s head smacking into his palms.

The priest asked if she believed that would happen.  She laughed and said “No, I think they’re making that up.”, much to Josh’s relief.

Mental note – keep Miriam away from SyFy channel and all it’s 2012 world-ending disaster movies.