Music Monday – All the Rowboats

Moving to Ireland, I had to find new radio stations.  I loved my Michigan radio stations, and honestly, I found the Dublin stations to be a bit…scattered.  You could hear The Clash one moment, then they could play Celine Dion the next, and then some Four Tops after that…then fifteen minutes of chatting.

I have settled on one primarily, Phantom FM, which in looking it up, started off as a pirate radio.  How awesome is that?  It plays mostly alternative music, lots of stuff I haven’t heard before.  So new music discovery is always potential.

Today, I flipped it on for my drive home from the grocery store and heard this song.  Rarely do I have a “love on first listen”, but I prayed they would tell me who was artist behind the song with this one.  And they did. Needless to say, I shall be buying this one very soon!

Regina Spektor – “All the Rowboats”