Days like this…

I know that the song goes “mama said there’d be days like this”, but really, mama didn’t have a freaking clue. 

It started out okay – everyone got off to school, I spent mindless hours at the computer writing and rejecting what I wrote and throwing laundry in appropriate places.  Then my friend called and asked if we could meet for lunch (yay!).  All good.  The sun even came out.

Then it was time for kids to come home from school.  Mim showed up all happy and sunshine.  Maura came home all smiles as well.  The puppy was estactic and slightly crazy to see them.

So of course, Zoey rushed Maura at the door.  Just as Maura was going up the one step.  Which of course, threw Maura off balance.  Usually she can save herself in time.  Not today.

No, today, she face planted straight into the corner of the doorframe. 

Yes, this would be a bit stressful and teary for any child.  But Maura…well…she’s Maura.  Maura who could have a seizure on me.  Maura of the thin skin, who already has three scars on her forehead from hitting it off things like church pews and gym floors, and ginormous scar on the back of her head  from a fall off the bed – took eight stitches to close it up.

So yeah, when she falls face first into a corner, I instantly start praying “please no blood, please no blood”.

God does sometimes hear my prayers. Like today.  No blood.  Phew.  But there were tears.  Lots of tears.  Well-deserved tears.  I asked where the booboo was, and she said nose – poor nose.  Then she went “Ow!  Teeth!”  Crap.  But again, no blood.  No blood is a good thing. 

But as Maura doesn’t get the full concept of pain, she of couse started pushing on her teeth then screaming OW!  Which found me shouting “Don’t touch your teeth!” 

And then, I realized that her diaper was at maximun capacity. 


So now, she’s still sniffly, but her teeth were fine enough for her to eat the two rice krispie treats she helped make at school.  However, they do bug her (having whacked my mouth before, I get the feeling) so she keeps pushing at them with her tongue.  So I’m now annoying her by saying “Leave your teeth alone.” every two minutes…well, while saying “get the pen out of your mouth” and “don’t put that up your nose”.


And while she wants to play outside, she’s being moody, so I finally brought her in – because I can’t run out there every 5 minutes to find out what that particular scream was about.

Yes, it’s warmish and sunny and I  have plunked my child in front of the television. 

While yelling at her to leave her teeth alone.

I don’t question why my shoulder is all knotted up now.

and while writing this, I’ve gotten up to deal with a moody girl seventeenthousand times.  It’s afternoons like this one that just drain a gal.  I think I’m going to take Maura out, get her something cold to drink, and maybe she’ll get back into a good mood.  And then maybe, I’ll be able to put more than two thoughts together in an hour’s time.

a few hours later…

so after writing that up and posting it, hell kept breaking loose.  Maura was screaming at Miriam for various reasons – like turning off the music! gasp!  Then she decided to play downstairs, which lead to phrases like “don’t chew on the baby!” and “what is that smell?  I know that smell, but what is it?”

The baby was a doll. Maur chews on stuff. 

The smell?  Was Head and Shoulder’s on my living room carpet.  How she got that by me, as I was in the dang living room with her is beyond me.  And for the record, it is really hard to get shampoo out of a carpet without…well…a carpet shampooer.

So I finally got off my duff and packed her into the van, where we hit the bank and then went to Starbucks.  Maura skipped about and was three shades of happy and nearly splatted onto the pavement again (but at least caught herself this time – phew!)  She ended up with a big-to-her strawberries and creme frappichino.  Which she sucked down in record time. 

Upon returning home, I told Collin “Okay, I’m going to prepare dinner – where’s that Pizza Hut coupon?”

Because some days, when your brain is oozing out one ear and your last nerve is in a fetal position crying in the corner, well, you just have to order pizza for dinner.

53 minutes until bedtime.  I have hope we’ll make it!  I appreciate all the words of support and sympathy!