Music Monday – “I’ve Seen a Little”

So, we all know I love the band Great Big Sea.  One of the band members, Alan Doyle, is putting out a solo album and the first single is out.  Of course, I had to listen to it.  And it lived up to the hype that I built up in my head.

“I’ve Seen a Little” has been put out on iTunes today for sale – the preview of the forthcoming album “Boy on Bridge”.  Why yes, I did instantly buy it.  I think it’s going to be a summer song – you know, one of those songs you put on in the car, windows rolled down, volume on high, wind in hair, going maybe a little over the speed limit?  Yeah, this song is for that situation.  And if I’m not in the car…well…I can pretend, right?

And really?  It’s a great anthem for me as I am dragged screaming towards that 40th birthday.  I’ve seen a little of life, I want to see more.  As I told a friend, after living in Dublin, making that dream a reality, well, I don’t think I could ever settle for ordinary again.  Not that my life was ever really ordinary if you think about it.  A girl who came blazing into the world in the back seat of a Mercedes  isn’t going to have an ordinary suburban life.  That’s part of what moving to Ireland was all about – getting out of that rut we found ourselves in, taking that chance to experience a side of life you don’t always get to.  Okay, sure, I’m actually living in a very suburban area of Dublin, lol!  What can I say, we still take the kids needs into consideration.  But now I see all the things I haven’t done and want to do.  Mid-life crisis?  Maybe.  Except I’ve always wanted to have a book published.  I’ve always wanted to sing with the band.  I’ve always wanted to travel, own a Mini and a Vespa, worn black nail polish and big earrings.  I’ve just always been so hesitant.  Now?  Not so much.

Wow.  That’s an awful lot to put on one song, lol!  This is what you get on a sunny Monday morning in Dublin, a cup of coffee consumed, and a new song for the soundtrack of my life.  Which, for the record, that soundtrack?  Is awesome.

Anyway, check out the song, if you like it, buy it. Then roll down all those windows in your car on the next sunny day and blare it.